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Irving Personal Care’s Park Location is a Strategic Business Decision

The Greater Moncton Area is host to many innovative manufacturing operations, including Irving Personal Care, the only manufacturer of baby diapers and training pants in Canada.

Tim Baade, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Irving Consumer Products, says more than 130 dedicated and skilled employees work at the Irving Personal Care plant at 200 Harrisville Blvd., Caledonia Industrial Estates, one of the parks managed by Moncton Industrial Development. “We ship diapers and training pants to our customers across North America,” he said.

Irving Personal Care is part of the J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies which are headquartered in New Brunswick. The location of the manufacturing plant is no coincidence, says Baade. “It’s important to us that we grow our operations where we live. Other deciding factors to build and work in Greater Moncton include the high quality and dedicated workforce and the plant’s proximity to access to major highways, which is important for our operations.”

Baade added that not only is a highly skilled workforce essential to their business, but also employees who are dedicated and committed to providing high quality products for their customers. In 2019 Irving Personal Care celebrated its 15th anniversary in Caledonia Industrial Estates.


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